Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Muffler And Exhaust Work

A muffler and exhaust has nothing to do in an e-blog. But this is the e-mothership and so I will keep you updated what is going on.
 DIY exMount
Original Exhaust Adapter
DIY Adapter



  1. Sometime things are easier when a vehicle can drive by itself before converting it to
    electric drive...but in this case i don't
    really understand the reason for all Your efforts to bring it back on the road with
    this type of mechanic as this is almost as complicated as getting it registrated with an electric motor under the hood.
    Especially as You obviously have decided to convert it to electric drive afterwards

    1. You are right Franz,
      but I need a driving result. There is also much car work to do and it goes much easier when you drive home in your success afterwords.
      As you can see in the beginning of this blog, I have a "complete" chassis for all the eWork.
      When everything is done and the body is on the eChassis I'll have a "driving" diesel chassis and perhaps one less building site.......maybe.)