Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Missing In Action (the pilot)

Today I had to remove the motor again.
Which was not to funny..
The reason was an opening clutch but not opening (Thai-style).
Ok. The clutch is opening but the motor was looked to the gear shaft. What can that be...?!
I remembered that I found it not so intelligent, not to have a drawn or whatsoever profile in the bronze bushing for the lubrication. Even I do not know if it is bronze.
So my guess was pretty soon, the bushing is blocked.
Luckily I had a pilot bearing, an open machine shop around and enough room in the motor adapter. (and 30.-€ cash.)

It was pretty much a nightmare to bring everything together again, BUT twelve hours later it was done.
Everything is together again, installed and clutching.)

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