Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Thinking about to lose even more weight

The whole clutch will weight about 42Kg / 93 lbs. And all we need to do with the clutch, is to set the motor "on" or "off".

The flywheel is about 15,1 Kg / 33lbs rotating mass, and thanks to my machinist, it is not running in center.

So I am thinking about to try a LoveJoy...

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  1. Was the flywheel run ning smooth before
    taking away all the material?
    Then You can balance it. If it is
    really out of center, that would be really bad!
    Dont be too hard to Your machinist!
    It is almost impossible to take away material
    from a balanced flywheel without the need to
    rebalance it afterwards.It is also almost
    impossible to put it onto a lathe and have it
    perfectly centered there.You will at first
    have to put a shaft into the lathe, and bring it to 1,125". Dont release it! then put Your
    adapter onto the shaft and check if it is centered. if not, "clean" the surface a little bit. Eventually You will have to create a
    new center fitting for the flywheel.
    Now mount the flywheel to the adapter and
    check on the clutch-side if it is running
    round now. (if it fits, never disassemble
    this again!)
    If all this fits perfect now, you should
    balance the flywheel including the adapter.
    (i normally put some cleaned ball-bearings
    into the hole to do this)
    At last fix the pressure plate to the
    flywheel and check balance again.

    Dont rip out the clutch!
    changing gears is not funny without clutch!
    Serial wound motors need changing gears!
    a 9" motor wants to do about 1500 to 3500
    rpm, 11" about 1000 to 2500-3000
    Torque and efficiency decrease significant
    on higher revs!