Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

My Favorite For This Project Is The NetgainWarp11


  1. I think, You will not really need the Power of this motor, but its torque will be phantastic!
    You will need either a BIG clutch or in this case
    You also might connect it direct to the
    reduction gear without the gearbox.
    (i dont know how the Landcruiser is built)
    As there is no gear ratio faster than 1:1
    ther will be more than enough power in the
    direct gear.
    With 3.7 :1 there will be about 3000rpm
    for 100Km/h, thats good!
    The 4.111 ratio of the diesel might be
    rather "short"
    With 224 Volt Things are a little bit
    different! but the warp 11 does not like high revs!

  2. I recalculated with the given rolling circle
    and this gives abot 2500rpm at 100Km/h
    This would fit with the standard11" Warp
    at lower Voltage (around 100V and above")
    if You would connect the cells 2p35s
    for example that might fit